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Castle Pines, CO

Good morning. I just wanted to let you know how much better I feel this morning. You truly have a gift.

Parker, CO

I am incredibly grateful for YOU! I can't thank you enough for all you have done for me. I will forever be grateful for all that you have done to restore my health. God Bless You!

Parker, CO

Always feel so much better after each session, always schedule my next session!

Aurora, CO

This was my first Reiki experience. I had communicated my medical history and alternative healing experience before my first appointment. Siuyin suggested a 90 Reiki session. As it turned out, I only needed 60 minutes. Siuyin is a very gracious and professional lady. She gave me my homework to do at home and I look forward to my journey to a better life style.

Parker, CO

I wanted to take a moment to express gratitude towards you as my teacher. I have had amazing experiences giving Reiki to others and I have had many compliments, which belong shared with you. Thank you for not holding back yourself when you teach and offering such a well rounded platform. Thank you for encouraging each student to follow the Reiki path while remaining true to their own expression of practice. I am honored to be your student and I wanted to remind you of the amazing work you do.

Aurora, CO

My experience with Siuyin was overwhelming. She opened my inner being that has been put aside for years. My physical, emotional, and mental health has been depleted and after my first appointment I feel a greater appreciation for my heart, body, and soul. I look forward to my next appointment to learn more about me. Thank you.

Denver, CO

This was my first reiki session and I left feeling truly uplifted. Siuyin works with such grace and kindness. Her insights, which were strikingly real and specific, reminded me that there is just no such thing as criticism inside the love that surrounds us. I visited Siuyin at a very troubled time and was expecting to hear more troubling things. I received instead only simple messages of love and joy, as well as some good pointers to move forward with. I believe that just being in Siuyin's presence is healing, and I'm deeply grateful for the experience.

Englewood, CO

Siuyin Castro presented herself in a very professional, yet personal way. I was immediately able to feel her energy as she began the session. I felt very comfortable throughout the session, which was relaxing and reinvigorating. She also was able to give me "homework"to help me self-reflect and make small changes towards a healthier and happier life. She was able to channel messages that resonated with me and that I was able to breakdown further after our session. I am looking forward to our next session and highly recommend Flow of Nature and Siuyin Castro.

Aurora, CO

Fantastic experience! Siuyin goes above and beyond, a truly gifted spiritual advisor and healer. Many advanced techniques not given on public domains. She awakend what i always knew was within, i just needed to be "reminded " of the true nature of the human experience . P.S. I took both classes. Thank again! See you soon Suiyin.

Parker, CO

Siuyin was very professional, friendly, helpful, explained everything well. This was my first reiki experience. I was very impressed with her & the whole visit. She showed enjoyment in her work. I left feeling very upbeat and looking forward to working with her again.

Littleton, CO

This woman knew everything about me, she was patient and very kind. I was deeply depressed before meeting her and now i am very happy and practice Reiki every day. She took her time with me and helped me with all of my spiritual problems. I couldn't of imagined anything better for this experience.

Castle Rock, CO

Our Reiki practice was filled with so much love and light.  I feel honored to be part of this sharing group.  Siuyin, thank you for organizing and hosting this.  Your peaceful but powerful energy is abundant.

Aurora, CO

Siuyin is a compassionate, kind, caring and gifted healer and energy light worker. She helped me so much and I felt that she really cared about what was going on for me. I had a fantastic experience and I'm so grateful that I found her!

Parker, CO

Siuyin Castro was very professional. She fully explained how the session was going to go, asked me if there was anything in particular I was looking to achieve. Afterwards, she explained everything she saw and you could see the passion in what she was trying to convey. I will definitely be going back to see her!

Littleton, CO

Awesome experience! This was my first reike session and I highly recommend it as a healing and rebalancing tool. Siuyin Castro is very professional, talented and thorough at her craft. I immediately felt positive changes in my body and she taught me techniques to help with my own healing in between our sessions.

Highlands Ranch, CO

This was my first time trying the healing treatment with tuning forks and Siuyin was very informative and AMAZING with what she was able to read from me and my energy, especially from someone who's never met me before. I am very impressed and will come back for a Reiki session next!

Denver, CO

This was my first Reiki experience, and I really didn't know what to expect. From the moment I walked in I knew I was where I was supposed to be. The atmosphere was warm and welcoming and the treatment itself blew me away. I walked away feeling lighter and rejuvenated about my life path. I can't wait for my follow up in two weeks.

Lone Tree, CO

Amazing first time experience. Received true connection with internal energies and tools to open and explore my intuition and self transformation.

Aurora, CO

We connected very well and I was very relaxed. This was my first time doing Reiki and it was everything I hoped for. I will be seeing her every time I am thru Denver!!!!

Aurora, CO

I wanted to THANK YOU so much. You have given me such a treasured gift. I'm so grateful for your care and guidance. I feel so amazing emotionally.

Parker, CO

What an amazing experience. Siuyin is such an insightful and knowledgeable healer. I really appreciated all of her feedback and the time she took to explain and clarify the energy she felt from my body.

Castle Rock, CO

THANK YOU. Having you in my life is so important. Since yesterday, I felt so much better... I have had more energy... You truly are a treasure in my life and I want you to know that I send you so much gratitude and adoration. Thank you for always being there for me and my family in our growth.

Aurora, CO

Dear Suyin, I don't even know where to begin to thank you for everything. You changed my life forever.  I am so truly blessed.  This entire week I've been praying, meditating, staying away from TV, and absorbing all the new knowledge I received, using the new symbols I've received as well, also practice practice, practice.  I got my grounding mat yesterday and using it.  I reached out to the Felician sisters by phone at least it's a start on my part.  I know there's so much to learn,I will continue to evolve.  I will always be in touch, see you next year.  Be safe, be healthy.  I am so grateful for you , thank you.

Parker, CO

Good morning.  For the first time in quite a while I am feeling really good.  I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you working late to help me get better.  I know it must be exhausting for you but your efforts seem to be working.  The pain is still there but my spirits are elevated and internally I feel a burst of new energy.  Thank you Siuyin.

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